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If you enjoy a good challenge, thrive in a fast-paced, high-growth company, and want to contribute meaningfully to the future of AI technology - come grow with us!

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Transformative document processing foundationai

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Document Processing Technology
Solving important problems

Extracting structured data from unstructured documents is the bottleneck to every major analytics, AI, or automation journey. Throwing more bodies at the problem is not a scalable solution. We build software that streamlines complex content extraction, freeing up data, time, and people to work on more meaningful, higher value work.

Document Processing Technology
Driving business value

We’re on a mission to build technology that transforms the way businesses process their documents. That means providing powerful but intuitive and easy-to-use AI to help organizations process, manage, and leverage their unstructured data to streamline manual tasks, make better data-driven decisions, and drive business value.

Document Processing Technology
Investing in our people

We know that great people are our competitive advantage and are committed to investing into our people to ensure that every employee has a meaningful work experience. We know that employment is a two-way relationship, and we are committed to ensuring that our employees are getting back as much if not more than they are putting into the company.

Document Processing Technology
Providing opportunity to impact

Foundation AI offers the opportunity for personal and professional growth on an unprecedented scale. We are a true meritocracy, where each employee has the opportunity to learn, grow, contribute and excel at a company focused on bleeding-edge AI and machine learning technology.

100+ employees - US and India

100+ employees in
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I love working at Foundation AI. Knowing I'm part of a culture that runs on collaboration, rewards creative problem-solving, and actively fosters individual employee growth opportunities motivates me daily to put forth my best work.


Account Executive


Working at Foundation AI has been a great experience, providing me the opportunity to learn and work on multiple projects. The Data Science team is extremely supportive and encouraging and has contributed to my personal and professional growth both as an individual and as a member of the company.


Associate Data Scientist


Working at Foundation AI is a dynamic and exciting experience. The fast-paced nature of the industry challenges me to break through my limitations. For me what keeps me engaged is exploring cutting-edge technology and collaborating with my peers who are experts in their own fields.


Senior Software Engineer


Foundation AI’s approach continues to foster my professional development through its commitment to granting opportunities for responsibility and ownership over projects. The team is set up to let all members flourish by infusing confidence and knowledge while maintaining the freedom for individual growth.


Account Executive

Transformative document processing foundationai
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