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Transformative document processing solutions that optimize business processes for the legal and insurance industries
It’s 2023. AI can drive cars, and analyze complex medical images that take very smart people years to learn how to read. Why do people still spend so much time on tedious, mundane tasks, especially in document intensive industries, like law and insurance?
We believe that they shouldn’t.

Our mission is to eliminate mundane, tedious work so that people can spend more time doing what they want.

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Solving important problems

Extracting structured data from unstructured documents is the bottleneck to every major analytics, AI, or automation journey. Throwing more bodies at the problem is not a scalable solution. We build software that streamlines complex content extraction, freeing up data, time, and people to work on more meaningful, higher value work.

Document Processing Technology
Driving business value

We’re on a mission to build technology that transforms the way businesses process their documents. That means providing powerful but intuitive and easy-to-use AI to help organizations process, manage, and leverage their unstructured data to streamline manual tasks, make better data-driven decisions, and drive business value.

Document Processing Technology
Investing in our people

We know that great people are our competitive advantage and are committed to investing into our people to ensure that every employee has a meaningful work experience. We know that employment is a two-way relationship, and we are committed to ensuring that our employees are getting back as much if not more than they are putting into the company.

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Providing opportunity to impact

Foundation AI offers the opportunity for personal and professional growth on an unprecedented scale. We are a true meritocracy, where each employee has the opportunity to learn, grow, contribute and excel at a company focused on bleeding-edge AI and machine learning technology.

Transformative document processing foundationai
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