Foundation AI ranks 37th on Forbes Best Startup Employers Forbes
Foundation AI ranks 37th on Forbes' List of America's Best Startup Employers 2024!
Transformative document processing foundationai
Foundation AI

Automate Your Claims and Litigation Document Intake

Your people have better things to do.

  • IDP LegalProfile, categorize, route and save inbound docs, emails and attachments more than 8x faster
  • IDP ClaimsFlag urgent docs per your rules
  • IDP bulletExtract key data from claims and litigation docs
  • IDP ClaimsAutomate data entry and admin workflows like alerting, tasking, and calendaring events
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Built for Injury Claims and Litigation

Foundation AI automatically ingests incoming documents, emails, and attachments from across your firm. It profiles, matches, classifies, and saves each to your DMS, and then automates document dependent workflows according to your rules.
  • sort, split, and categorize
    Automatically sort, split, and categorize incoming documents
  • Profile and match docs
    Profile and match docs to the right matter or claim
  • Classify and categorize
    Classify and categorize according to your rules, folders, or tags
  • Extract key information
    Extract key information like names, dates, and amounts
  • Name and saves docs
    Name and save docs directly into the right folders in your DMS
  • workflows
    Automate document dependent workflows, like alerting the right person, calendaring hearings and depositions, and entering data into your downstream systems.
Foundation AI document processing
Transformative document processing foundationai

Save time, money, and resources

Let AI Handle Your
Inbound Document Intake

Your people have better things to do

categorize automate
Inbound Injury Litigation Documents

Litigation IDP

Profile, categorize, and automate your downstream workflows

Learn more about injury litigation solutions

categorize automate
Inbound Claims Documents

Claims IDP

Automatically classify, index, and route incoming claims docs

Learn more about AI-powered claims indexing

our clients are saying

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We took our mail and document intake process from a few minutes per document down to a few seconds or less.

Jason Turkish,

Managing Partner

We’re processing our case documents 8x faster, giving us more time to fight for our clients.

Angel Reyes,

Managing Partner

From what we've already seen, it is going to 10x our efficiency at processing inbound documents

Lety Miranda,

Director of Operations

Foundation AI has fueled and expanded the scope of Automation use cases across the Insurance value chain, providing significant capabilities that enable business transformation and improve insured and employee experience.

Prashant Hinge,

Vice President, Automation & Employee Experience

We’ve increased our document processing speed by more than three times since implementing Foundation AI.

The platform has allowed us to create a highly efficient centralized mail system where one or two people in one place can accurately handle duties that before required multiple staff across our ten offices.

Mary Sinacori,

Staff Administrator

We receive thousands of pages of mail each day and have always had backlogs getting it scanned into attorneys' files.

Within two weeks of using Foundation AI, we were getting the mail processed within a day, while saving about $8,000 a week in staffing costs.

George Woolverton,

Managing Partner

With the Foundation AI solution in place, we’ve been able to add four new attorneys without expanding our support staff.

Michael Brand,


We’ve been able now to maintain a 50% increase in our caseload, with only a single individual handling our documents who is able to process them much faster.

Benjamin P. Feld,


Transformative document processing foundationai

Free your people up for higher value work

Foundation AI in action

What makes
Foundation AI

  • AI Models

    Artificial Intelligence
    You Can Really Trust

    Our proprietary models process unstructured documents, never hallucinate, and produce reliable confidence scores for each prediction

  • Human-empowered


    Intelligent AI that seeks human validation when it’s unsure. Like an Ironman suit for document processing, striking the perfect balance between man, machine, precision, and efficiency.

  • Rapid implementation


    Be live and drive ROI in weeks, not months. We handle everything, with low lift on your IT resources.

  • integrations


    Integrate with virtually any technology you’re using with our robust API and suite of pre-built integrations and connectors.

  • data security

    data security

    Soc 2 Type II, ISO27001, HIPAA compliant, and all processed in AWS most secure cloud infrastructure.

Transformative document processing foundationai
Foundation AI

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Foundation AI ranks 37th on Forbes Best Startup Employers Forbes
Foundation AI ranks 37th on Forbes' List of America's Best Startup Employers 2024!
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