Foundation AI ranks 37th on Forbes Best Startup Employers Forbes
Foundation AI ranks 37th on Forbes' List of America's Best Startup Employers 2024!
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Automate Your Claims Document Intake

Identify, classify, and extract critical data from your documents, and automate workflows like document routing and escalations, tasking and alerting, and data entry into downstream systems.
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Insurance solutions - Transformative document processing

Insurers, TPAs, and claims departments are flooded with correspondence. Millions of emails, attachments, mailed documents, and faxes must be reviewed, matched to the correct claim file, indexed into the document management system – and that is all before they can even be acted on.

And what happens when someone is out of the office or just overwhelmed, and misses an important document or email with an attached service of process or policy-limit demand?

Foundation AI can help.

Foundation AI integrates directly with all of your document input sources, aggregating scanned documents, attachments from emails, and faxes from inboxes for unified, AI-powered processing.

match, index, and route

The first step to handling
a document is to identify
what it is and where it goes.

Collect and classify your documents

Foundation AI is purpose built for the P&C industry and has been trained to identify and classify common claims and insurance documents by type and time-sensitivity. The platform ingests scanned documents and automatically downloads emails and attachments and classifies each according to your business rules.

Instantly identify and process written correspondence, policy declarations, pleadings, ACORD forms, medical reports and more. Need to immediately escalate an urgent document like a pleading or time-limited demand? Foundation AI utilizes configurable workflows to ensure the appropriate team members are alerted immediately.

Foundation AI document processing
match index

Match, index, and route documents to the right place

Many incoming documents and emails are missing policy and claim numbers, making them difficult to index and route. Foundation AI automatically searches documents, emails, and attachments and captures key data points like insured and claimant names, policy numbers, date of loss, VIN numbers and addresses. It can use this information to instantly lookup policy and claims information, index documents directly to the correct file, and alert and task the responsible parties.

match, index, and route

Your data.
Your rules.

Foundation AI document processing

Extract data and automate workflows

Want to automatically identify and escalate a time-sensitive demand or service of process? Pull information from a medical report to update your claims notes? Automatically pull information from an FNOL to initiate a claim? No problem.

Foundation AI can classify and capture critical information from most common insurance and claims documents including inbound correspondence, pleadings, policy declarations, demands, medical reports, ACORD forms, FNOLs and loss runs.

With deep learning content extraction technology and a robust API and suite of integrations, Foundation AI can pull data from your inbound documents and push it straight into your core systems to streamline your downstream workflows.

See what Foundation AI
can do for your organization.

Collect, claim-match
Collect, claim-match, and index digital mail and email attachments
Classify route
Classify, route, and process inbound emails
time-sensitive documents
Identify and triage time-sensitive documents and attachments
Process FNOLs
Process FNOLs and initiate new claims


Foundation AI automates tedious tasks in insurance document management. It provides field-level confidence scores and can adjust precision and efficiency based on your unique preferences.

It can task a human to validate its work when it isn’t confident and learns from feedback to become more accurate with each document processed - allowing your staff to focus on more meaningful and value-creating work.

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our clients are saying

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The Foundation AI Platform fuels low touch business transformation strategy for The Hanover. The platform has fueled and expanded the scope of automation use cases across the insurance value chain, providing significant capabilities that enables business transformation and improves the insured and employee experience.

The collaborative process of pre-training models and building nimble UIs provided significant lift at the desk level from day one, resulting in positive ROI immediately compared to the other 20+ document processing providers that we reviewed during the selection process.

Prashant Hinge,

Vice President, Automation & Employee Experience

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Foundation AI ranks 37th on Forbes Best Startup Employers Forbes
Foundation AI ranks 37th on Forbes' List of America's Best Startup Employers 2024!
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