Foundation AI ranks 37th on Forbes Best Startup Employers Forbes
Foundation AI ranks 37th on Forbes' List of America's Best Startup Employers 2024!
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Revolutionizing Document Intake and Processing at Law Firms

ILTA interviews CEO Vivek Rao to discuss the document processing transformation possible with AI-powered technology from Foundation AI

Utilizing AI to Automate Inbound Claims Document Indexing
RLI Tech Talk

Over 85% straight through document indexing without human intervention for leading specialty insurer

Automating Legal Document Processing through AI-Powered Technology

Leading workers’ comp and general liability firm transforms their document management processes, driving efficiencies and refocusing staff resources

AI Automation Drives Profitability and Growth
Floyd Skeren Manukian Langevin

350% increase in document processing efficiency and 81% decrease in non-billable hours for leading insurance defense firm

Insurance Defense Firm Streamlines Document Intake
Stockwell Harris Streamlines Document Intake

Greater than 80% increase in staff efficiency and over $400,000 per year in cost savings

Insurer Saves Thousands of FTE Hours Per Year While Reducing Expenses

Greater than 85% of inbound claims document indexing and refocusing of staff to customer service initiatives

AI Automation Fuels Firm Expansion Without Need to Hire Additional Staff
Acumen Law AI Automation

95% decrease in hours required to process inbound documents, saving over 120 work hours weekly

Firm Increases Case Count Over 50% While Reducing Staff Workload
Ghitterman, Ghitterman & Feld Firm Increases

Inbound documents processed and filed in MerusCase within 86 minutes of arrival

Firm Drives Significant Efficiencies Thought Integrated Document Processing
Bradford and Barthel 5X faster

Documents and correspondence reach key personnel over 5X faster through seamless CMS integration


CLM Magazine

CLM Leading Out Loud: Workers’ Compensation Edition

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Law Firms Document Processing
The Unsustainability of Manual Case Document Processing in Law Firms

The status quo for document processing is no longer acceptable for firms looking to grow and succeed in today’s legal environment.

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Law Firms Document Processing
Preparing Your Insurance Claims Process for AI Implementation

Important steps to consider when adopting AI-powered solutions for your claims organization to increase efficiency and improve processes.

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Insurance Claims Process for AI
Legal Innovation and Technology magazine

Reducing Litigation Firm's Overhead and Increasing Efficiencies

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Legal Innovation Foundation AI
Intro to Natural Language Processing

What Object Recognition does for images and video, Natural Language Processing (NLP) does for text. NLP extracts structured data from unstructured text.

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Natural Language Processing Foundation AI
Intro to Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition (also referred to as speech to text) is the first stage in a string of algorithms in which user input is provided via voice. You can see this technology in play in virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri.

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Intro to Speech Recognition
Intro to Clustering and Classification

Have you ever bought something online and then were presented with an offer to buy something complementary? Have you received a special offer in the mail from your cable company right as you were thinking of switching providers?

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Classification document processing
Intro to Optimization

Optimization at its core is about problem solving and planning. Using structured data provided by techniques like Natural Language Processing or Object Recognition as context, it can determine the most efficient way to achieve a goal.

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Classification document processing
Transformative document processing foundationai
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Foundation AI ranks 37th on Forbes Best Startup Employers Forbes
Foundation AI ranks 37th on Forbes' List of America's Best Startup Employers 2024!
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