Foundation AI ranks 37th on Forbes Best Startup Employers Forbes
Foundation AI ranks 37th on Forbes' List of America's Best Startup Employers 2024!
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Automation For Injury Litigation

Automatically profile, classify, and route your injury law firm’s inbound documents, emails, and attachments to the right matter, folder, and people – right away.
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Injury litigation firms are bombarded with incoming documents. They stream in through emails with attachments, snail mail, portals, and even faxes.

Getting all of these documents into the right case folder and to the right people can be a very manual, labor-intensive, and error prone process, especially in document intensive injury litigation like personal injury, workers’ compensation, SSDI, and VA Disability. When the stakes are high, misfiled and mislabeled documents cost firms time, money, and even cases and clients.

Foundation AI can help.

Document processing nodes

Automate your
case document intake

Foundation AI serves as a bridge between your document intake sources – from the physical mailroom to digital inboxes – and your practice management system. The platform integrates with leading practice management systems—like Litify, FileVine, SmartAdvocate, Clio and more—to match incoming documents to the right matter, name and save them to the right folder, and streamline your operational worklflows.

Let AI handle your incoming mail, email, and faxes
Your people have better things to do

How many important attachments never make it to the file, or stay buried in saved emails, making them impossible to find when you need them?

Foundation AI automatically downloads attachments from emails and processes them straight into your digital case files. It can even organize and split documents into manageable, searchable files, and attach a PDF copy of the email body to each one.

Foundation AI document processing
Automatically match each document

Automatically matter-match, title, and save each document, email, and attachment to the right folder.

Manually keying information to match each individual document to the right matter is tedious and time-consuming. Case names often sound the same, and a careless mistake could be catastrophic. Foundation AI’s deep learning models search your systems automatically, using key data points like parties, case numbers, claim numbers, and dates to instantly associate each document to the correct file. If the system cannot confidently narrow down to the specific matter, it presents the best probable matches in its user interface for easy exception handling.

Foundation AI is pre-trained to accurately identify and classify all types of injury litigation documents, including correspondence, discovery demands, pleadings, medical bills and reports, hearing and depo notices, and decisions. Map the FAI model to your own internal naming convention and folder structure to name and save files uniformly, consistently, and automatically.

Match document to correct matter - Document Processing

Extract critical data from
incoming documents to
automate downstream workflows

Foundation AI document processing

Foundation AI is pre-trained to capture key information, such as parties, treating providers, billed amounts, and important dates. Use this extracted information to calendar events automatically, name documents descriptively, or enter it straight into fields in your practice management system

Unlike traditional OCR systems, Foundation AI uses deep learning models that provide confidence scores at the field level. If the platform’s confidence falls below your desired comfort level, your people can validate its decisions through our friendly user interface.

Syncs case management system - Document Processing
urgent ones document

See only what you need, but never miss an urgent document.

Foundation AI syncs with your case management system to know who to alert when new documents are received. Need certain documents sent to the docketing team? Want to medicals and bills to go to the case manager and motions and pleadings to the handling attorney? No problem.

You can configure Foundation AI to alert different members of the team based on the type or urgency of the document.

our clients are saying

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We’re processing our case documents 8x faster, giving us more time to fight for our clients.

Angel Reyes,

Managing Partner

We took our mail and document intake process from a few minutes per document down to a few seconds or less.

Jason Turkish,

Managing Partner

We receive thousands of pages of mail each day and have always had backlogs getting it scanned into attorneys' files.

Within two weeks of using Foundation AI, we were getting the mail processed within a day, while saving about $8,000 a week in staffing costs.

George Woolverton,

Managing Partner

From what we've already seen, it is going to 10x our efficiency at processing inbound documents

Lety Miranda,

Director of Operations

We’ve increased our document processing speed by more than three times since implementing Foundation AI.

The platform has allowed us to create a highly efficient centralized mail system where one or two people in one place can accurately handle duties that before required multiple staff across our ten offices.

Mary Sinacori,

Staff Administrator

With the Foundation AI solution in place, we’ve been able to add four new attorneys without expanding our support staff.

Michael Brand,


We’ve been able now to maintain a 50% increase in our caseload, with only a single individual handling our documents who is able to process them much faster.

Benjamin P. Feld,



Foundation AI is like an Iron Man suit for document processing. It can task a human to validate its work when it isn’t confident and learns from feedback to become more accurate with each document processed

Strike the perfect balance between man, machine, precision, and efficiency and allow your staff to focus on more meaningful and value-creating work.

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Transformative document processing foundationai
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Document processing nodes
Foundation AI ranks 37th on Forbes Best Startup Employers Forbes
Foundation AI ranks 37th on Forbes' List of America's Best Startup Employers 2024!
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