Artificial Intelligence
for the Real World

Is your business ready to reap the benefits of AI technologies?
Foundation AI can help you leverage artificial intelligence to drive real business impact.


who we are


  • We are business strategists, product managers, data scientists, and AI engineers.
  • We are the team behind Querent, one of the world’s leading healthcare AI and analytics platforms.
  • We are passionate about democratizing AI and making it accessible to companies of all sizes.


what we do

WE align your ai strategy with your business objectives.

Implementing successful AI applications requires more than just programming skills and data science expertise. With Foundation AI as your partner, you gain the advantage of a coordinated, cross-functional team with deep expertise in designing, building, and operationalizing AI technologies at scale.


We help enterprises and startups:

  • Define their AI strategies and roadmaps
  • Deploy AI-enabled solutions to business challenges
  • Develop Intelligent-software products
  • Draw on our AI Specialists to complement their teams

our specialties

We are experts in AI-enabled language, vision, and learning. 

We have built and deployed solutions across industries, including healthcare, insurance, legal, financial services, transportation, and industrial IOT.

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Our solutions

We Leverage the Most Powerful AI Technologies.

Our CogNative AI™ Platform includes an ever-expanding library of AI models, tools, frameworks, and solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs. CogNative AI™ enables us to efficiently customize and implement solutions across industries.


Selected use cases:

  • AI-enabled Intelligent OCR
  • Natural Language Processing and Generation
  • Computer Vision and Video Analytics
  • Classification, Forecasting, and Data Mining
  • Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive Insights