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Foundation Extract Video Search combines Foundation AI’s video analytics, facial recognition, and object classification and tracking models to enable users to quickly scan through large troves of video and image files and accurately identify the exact instances when specific people, objects and events appear on screen.

Stop sifting through hours of video that don’t contain anything of interest. Extract Video Search automatically searches through video archives to find exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Easy to use UI - Locate the exact points in video files where objects and people surface.

  • Pre-trained and expandable — Recognize 80 object classes out of the box, train new classes with no coding required.

  • Advanced Facial Recognition – Identify individuals from multiple angles, even with face masks.

  • Cloud, On Premise, and Edge Ready

Identify objects and people

Intelligent Search

Identify objects and people and the exact moment they appear or disappear in any video. Extract Video Search not only identifies the video file in which your item of interest appears but allows you to jump to the exact moment it surfaces and review the video footage yourself.

Bespoke Analytics

Extract Video Search goes beyond pointing you to the exact moments in video where objects appear. It enables you to generate analytics for the metrics that matter to you. Automatically generate reports that identify how many times an object appeared in a specified set of videos or how long a person spent in a given area.

Automatically generate reports

Train the System


Many use cases for Extract Video Search require identifying objects that we can’t yet recognize out-of-the-box. With Extract Video Search, this isn’t a problem! You can easily train the system to identify new objects with just a few clicks – no coding required.

Integration & Alerts

Delivered in the cloud or on prem, and with a robust API and suite of configurable connectors, Extract Video Search can integrate with virtually any video storage or downstream system. This enables us to search through your videos no matter where they live and trigger alerts as well as downstream workflows based on what is found in your videos.

Expand with Extract

With our Extract Vision and Language platforms, Extract Video Search can be expanded to fit your exact use case.

Expand with Extract
  • Identify where objects enter the frame and what direction they move

  • Recognize events like hand gestures

  • Automatically generate audio transcripts from video

  • Read and extract text and numbers

  • Identify logos or products

  • Detect the proximity of objects and people to each other

Extract Features

Modular and Configurable

Vision, Language, and Learning models can be assembled together for intelligent process automation and insight extraction.

Rapid Implementation

Cloud-based or containerized on-prem, and easily integrated via suite of APIs and configurable input and downstream connectors.

Self Learning

Pre-trained to deliver immediate value and continues to learn and improve through feedback

Augmented Intelligence

Intuitive user interface built to optimize the relative strengths of humans and machines.

Best in Class Data Security

ISO 27001 certified and customer data encrypted and isolated in SOC2 Secure SaaS cloud environment

Extract in the Real World

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Foundation AI helps a State Department of Corrections conduct automated contact-tracing for COVID-19

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What our clients are saying

Foundation AI's Vision technology has enabled us to rapidly increase the speed at which we can process video footage. In a business where turn-around-time is everything, Foundation AI has made us more competitive overnight."

Sandipan Bhattacharjee,

Principal - Translutions

Foundation AI's content extraction technology is really the best that we've seen. Their hyper responsive team gets you up and running in no time.

Derrick Chow,

COO, Medchart

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