Our Goals

Reduce Recidivism
Save $100 in costs per inmate per month


Predicting Administrative Segregation at Admission


Clinical Administrative and Financial Analytics


Our Mission

Partnering with correctional facilities and prisons to create a better society.

  • We help correctional facilities better understand health issues affecting inmates.
  • We help correctional facilities optimize their costs without impacting safety or liability.
  • We help correctional facilities easily identify how they are performing on their key metrics.

How We Do It

We are an AI and Advanced Analytics company focused on Correctional Facilities and Prisons.

Foundation AI is at the forefront of bringing AI and advanced analytics to the Corrections industry. We partner with forward thinking institutions and use new technologies to substantially reduce cost per inmate and recidivism, while increasing safety and limiting liability. Here at Foundation AI, we are not just experts at using AI to drive real impact. We are experienced at working with leading correctional institutions to enact positive change.


Foundation Correction's Platform

The Foundation Corrections platform has 9 key modules:

  • 01
    Intelligent OCR
  • 02
    Data Warehouse / Unified Data Model
  • 03
  • 04
    Key Metrics
  • 05
    Inmate's Journey – Administrative and Clinical
  • 06
  • 07
    Predictive Model
  • 08
    NLP Engine
  • 09
    Video Analytics

Foundation Correction's Architecture




  • Clear View of Cost vs Budget
  • Inmate Journey
  • Optimization Avenues
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Tracking Recidivism
And more…

What people are saying about us

  • Foundation AI has created a data warehouse for the ND DOCR that integrates information from our electronic health record, offender management record, behavioral health record and pharmacy record. We can automate and track our chronic care clinic performance, follow medication adherence in real time and identify, track, and treat Hepatitis C patients.

    Dr. John Hagan

    Staff Physician

    ND Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

  • With Foundation AI's advanced analytics, we were quickly able to glean insights and develop algorithmic models that accurately predicted individuals who were high-risk for AS. Our tools outperformed traditional screening tools by a wide margin.

    Guy Scalzi


    Vantari Ventures

  • The data feeds delivered by Foundation AI justify our resource allocations and expenditures.

    Steve Bourgois

    Business Analyst

    ND Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

  • Foundation AI provided data to show that when you recognize positive behavior, it has a significant impact on people’s choices.

    Colby Braun


    North Dakota State Penitentiary