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Foundation AI Helps Stockwell Harris, a Leading California Defense Firm, Streamline its Inbound Document Intake

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The Challenge

Stockwell Harris, a 60-attorney insurance defense law firm, maintained a staff of 12 temporary staff to sort, separate, scan, and electronically file roughly 10,000 pages a day of incoming documents. These documents include insurance claim files to be set up as new matters, and inbound email, mail, and fax documents comprising correspondence, pleadings, medical reports and bills, forms, and hearing notices.

The manual process of searching its ProLaw practice management system to find the correct matter for each document, naming it properly, and loading it into the correct matter folder was cumbersome and time consuming. Often, it took several days for documents to make their way to attorneys. These errors and delays meant that attorneys couldn’t be as responsive as they needed to be, and sometimes even missed important documents that were misfiled by staff.

The Approach

Stockwell Harris chose to utilize Foundation AI, the industry’s most innovative document processing platform to streamline this manual process. Foundation AI automatically ingests all of the firm’s inbound correspondence directly from Stockwell Harris’ batch scanner and designated email boxes and classifies each document by type.

Foundation AI integrates directly with ProLaw and instantly matches each document to the correct matter and names it according to Stockwell Harris’ procedures. The software also automatically sends email alerts to attorneys, paralegals, and the designated timekeepers, based on the type of document and according to Stockwell Harris’ rules.

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Additionally, Foundation AI tracks all user behavior in the system, providing transparency into when the firm’s staff is working and how productive they are, regardless of their work location. Comprehensive reporting functionality allows the firm’s office manager to audit staff and AI- augmented data entry, providing full control over the firm’s document operations.

The Results

By utilizing the Foundation AI solution, Stockwell Harris has significantly increased the speed and accuracy of document processing and information archiving, reducing overhead costs while increasing its efficiency and responsiveness.

"Within two weeks of deploying Foundation AI, we were processing documents five times faster while saving $8,000 per week in costs."

George Woolverton,

Managing Partner

Benefits of Foundation AI for Stockwell Harris:
  • Increased document ingestion speed by 5X
  • Increased document processing accuracy by up to 98%
  • Saved $400,000 in temporary employee spend
"The best part is that I know exactly how many documents are getting processed every day, and I can monitor the staff no matter where they are."

Rosanna Renteria,

Office Manager

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