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The Challenge

Ghitterman, Ghitterman & Feld (GGF) is a plaintiff law firm specializing in the representation of injured workers across California. As the firm prepared to acquire another legal practice’s 500+ cases and anticipated the need to process all of the associated documents and correspondence, it realized it needed help.

With the new cases coming on, labor-intensive process challenges like improving document workflow efficiency, minimizing clerical errors, reducing administrative costs and scaling their operations were at the forefront.

GGF’s existing process required one individual to scan a document, another to properly name it, and finally another to categorize and file it in their Document Management System. Once the document was in the DMS, the attorney had to assign the document or related tasks to other staff. This would cause significant delays in getting a document to the hands of the right team member, taking between 3-4 days in most cases.

The Approach

With Foundation AI integrated directly with GGF’s MerusCase practice management system, the firm’s staff no longer has to sort through thousands of documents by urgency and they do not have to attempt to search for and identify the matter prior to scanning. Each piece of correspondence is scanned individually or in a batch and automatically ingested into the Foundation AI solution.

GGF casestudy - Foundation AI

Foundation AI’s platform processes each document to make it searchable, classifies the document by document type, matches each document to the correct matter file, and names it according to the firm’s naming convention. A staff member confirms the results, and Foundation AI inserts each document directly into the firm’s document management software. Foundation AI even alerts attorneys and staff through assigning tasks in the practice management system or via email, based on the type of document and according to the firm’s internal protocols.

Operating on a principle known as “human-in-the-loop,” the results produced by the AI are confirmed by a human to ensure accuracy and safeguard against errors before documents reach their final home in the DMS. Additionally, the AI continuously improves from user feedback, learning from corrections to increase its precision.

The Results

After completing Foundation AI’s simple implementation process – which included tailoring the software to the firm’s existing procedures, fully-integrating with MerusCase, and training users on how to most effectively use the system – GGF had found the solution to their workflow logjam.

Foundation AI matches each of GGF’s documents to the existing matter in MerusCase, initiates workflow processes according to the firm’s preferences, programmatically generates the document’s name in accordance with a standardized convention, and sends workflow alerts tailored to the firm’s protocols

With Foundation AI, GGF’s staff is now able to process the firm’s daily intake of incoming documents significantly faster and with less staff involvement. Typically, a batch of GGF’s new daily correspondence and documents will reach its final home in MerusCase, already properly matched, categorized, tagged, and named just 86 minutes after it initially hits the firm’s scanner.

“We’ve been able now to maintain a 50% increase in our caseload, with only a single individual handling our documents who is able to process them much faster.”

Benjamin P. Feld,


Benefits of Foundation AI for Ghitterman, Ghitterman & Feld (GGF):
  • Increased caseload by more than 500 cases with no additional headcount needed
  • Inbound documents processed and filed in MerusCase within 86 minutes of arrival
  • Decrease the staff necessary to process all inbound case documents to one person
“Now, the second that mail comes in, the employee who handles our mail is actually on it the same day, and it automatically gets into the system, already tagged,” Feld reported. “There’s not this long delay in processing that we used to experience."
“It reduced the amount of processing time. Even though my attorneys ended up taking on more cases, it didn’t result in much of an increase in associated work. In fact, it probably reduced it.”
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