Foundation AI is shaping the future of work with its intelligent document processing solutions — and you could be part of it.

It’s 2021 - we don’t think people should be wasting time on document processing and data entry anymore. We envision a world where machines can handle a lot of these mundane, tedious content extraction tasks and people can focus on what people do best- like dreaming, creating, ideating, and doing. Our Customers agree, so to meet increasing demand for our solutions, we have accelerated hiring across all departments, including Product, Design, Engineering & Sales.

If you want to join a fast growing company working at the cutting edge of intelligent document processing, AI, and Machine Learning technology, we’d love to hear from you.

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AI For The Real World

We’re on a mission to build artificial intelligence for the real world. That means powerful but intuitive and easy to use - leveraging advances in computer vision, natural language processing, and machine learning to help organizations process, manage, and leverage their unstructured data to streamline manual tasks, make better data-driven decisions, and drive business value. Let’s face it – people have better things to do.

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Solving Important Problems

Extracting structured data from unstructured documents is the bottleneck to every major analytics, AI, or automation journey. Throwing more bodies at the problem is not a scalable solution. We build software that streamlines complex content extraction, freeing up data, time, and people to work on more meaningful, higher value work.

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Opportunity And Impact

Foundation AI offers the opportunity for personal and professional growth on an unprecedented scale. We are a true meritocracy, where each employee has the opportunity to learn, grow, contribute and excel at a company focused on bleeding-edge AI and machine learning technology.

AI-Powered software

Investing In Our People

We know that great people are our competitive advantage and are committed to investing into our people to ensure that every employee has a meaningful work experience. We know that employment is a two-way relationship, and we are committed to ensuring that our employees are getting back as much if not more than they are putting into the company.

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