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AI-powered Document Intake Automation for Law Firms

Automatically identify, classify, and route all your inbound documents, emails, and attachments to the right matter, people, and place -- right away.
AI-Powered Document Intake
integrate document intake

Fully integrate your document intake

Foundation AI unifies all of your firm’s document input sources - from the physical mailroom to digital mailboxes - and integrates directly with most all major practice management systems to route documents exactly where you want them to go.

Automatically match each document

Automatically match each document, email, and attachment to the correct matter

Foundation AI’s deep learning models search your practice management system automatically, using key data points like parties, case numbers, claim numbers, and dates to instantly associate each document to the correct file.

categorize, organize, and save documents

Consistently categorize, organize, and save documents to your matter folders

Foundation AI is pre-trained to accurately identify and classify all types of litigation documents, including correspondence, discovery demands, pleadings, medical reports, and event notices.

time-sensitive documents

Ensure documents aren’t missed, especially urgent ones

Foundation AI syncs with your practice management system to know who to alert when new documents are received. Need certain documents sent to the docketing team? Want to alert the managing attorney when they receive an important motion? No problem. With Foundation AI you can identify time-sensitive and urgent documents, escalate, and track handling to ensure resolution.

Extract critical data

Extract critical data from incoming documents to automate downstream workflows

Foundation AI is pre-trained to capture key information from incoming legal documents, such as parties, senders, treating providers, and important dates. Use this extracted data to calendar events automatically, name documents descriptively, or route it into fields in your practice management system.

  • Speed Routing & Delivery of All Incoming Documents by 5-10X
  • Notify Key Personnel of Urgent/Time Sensitive Documents
  • Reduce Processing Errors
  • Redeploy Your Team to do Higher Value Work
  • Realize Significant Cost Savings

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