architecting intelligence™

about foundation ai

Not only have our team members published over 20 papers on advanced AI applications, but we’ve also deployed these models into production in AI-enabled products that touch millions of lives everyday.

We are fiercely inquisitive, we question the status quo, and we live to find elegant solutions to complex problems.


Executive Team

Foundation AI’s team previously built Querent, one of the world’s leading healthcare analytics and business intelligence platforms. We set up Foundation AI to leverage our past experience to ensure that all companies, no matter their size, can unlock the power of artificial intelligence.


Vivek Rao

Chief Executive Officer

Vamsi Kasivajjala

Chief Technology Officer

Victor Gebhardt

Chief Operations Officer

Venki Pagidimarri

Chief AI Officer


Domain Advisors

Foundation AI has assembled a team of advisors with deep expertise across industries. We leverage our broad network of subject matter experts to quickly get up to speed on your industry so that we hit the ground running.